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Professional Profile I am a person with skills of Self-motivation and empathetic approach which brought me into the field of service. People who seeks ‘help and motivation’ made me to choose Nursing as my profession, and the environment of service providing settings as Hospitals, Care homes and people who take care of needful inspired me to come to the field of DSW. So I am currently pursuing my DSW program at Fanshawe College.After joining the DSW program I got a chance to work for people with special needs and which gave me a lot of mental satisfaction as well as interest towards the work. Other than the work, DSW program offers a lot of areas to explore knowledge as well as life experiences. After completing nursing program in India I worked in a hospital for 3years in orthopedic department, where I started my transition as a care provider. Several study related “placements” during my nursing program offered me a better exposure to understand people with special needs. Work I did as a support worker at L’arche London for four months gave me more exposure towards the “world” of Developmental service worker, which helped me to improve my skills and capability…show more content…
The program helps to find out the hidden gifts and skills of a person and gives opportunity to frame those skills in such a way for personal as well as professional development. Professional philosophy. With a view to be a successful DSW certain qualities have to be developed or maintained. Three of the important traits are Dedication, Patience and Advocacy. Dedication In the field of DSW dedication is one of the most important qualities to be successful. By Loving the job which we do could help us in different ways while at work as well as in our daily life. By being dedicated to the job which I am doing helps me to be positive towards the scenario which comes across in my daily life

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