A Soldier's Guilt In The Things They Carried

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A soldier’s guilt weighs heavily on his or her conscience during or after a war. Especially if the guilt was condemned to their conscience by an action resulting in the death of a fallen comrade. The human mind becomes a maze that some may never get out of. When in a position of a higher ranking officer in the military, certain responsibilities take a toll on a soldier’s guilt level. Being placed in charge of other men’s lives is difficult. The level of difficulty depends on the focus of the soldier and how determined he is on the battlefield. A man who allows his mind to wander, yet is supposed to keep watch and make sure all his men go home alive, is not a safe leader. When in the middle of fighting a war thinking twice is not an option. In the midst of raging gunfire one decision could result in a death, therefore the outcome falls on the shoulders of the platoon Lieutenant; just like Jimmy Cross in The Things They Carried. Becoming distracted made the chain events lead to the death of a platoon mate. Lieutenant Cross held onto the guilt of thinking of the love of his life rather than focusing on the war at hand. The maze that the mind has is endless. One cannot imagine what the men who fought…show more content…
We each have our own deadline to when our time on earth runs out. The men who die on a battlefield are in a way can be viewed as though they were chosen by God. It does not seem fair even though we know life is not fair. Every life that is brought into the world has to leave, there is an expiration date that everyone must abide to. The departure of a life can leave a heavy and aching heart on those close to the one who had recently passed. The causes of the individual’s death should not have any reverence on how the guilt of the living person may feel due to the way their loved one or fallen comrade may have passed. When falling during battle there is not “the death bed scene” which has the relatives crying at a bedside (Laderman, 1996, p.
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