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Summary- "Sula", written by Toni Morrison, is a beautiful story about friendship and love. The novel follows two girls, Sula and Nel. The story takes place in a mostly black community called “The Bottom”. Every year, the town participates in National Suicide Day. This intense day was created by a man named Shadrack after returning home from war as a hurt man, unable to accept the realities of the real world. Despite the fact that Nel and Sula were raised in completely different families, they eventually become inseparable towards each other. The peak of their friendship only lasts a short time because they both end up meeting a boy named Chicken Little drowning. Over time, Nel finds herself taking the more traditional path of life and marries…show more content…
evil. For example, the book focused on how good and evil both rely on each other in order to form an existence of stability. I believe that without some evil, there cannot be any good. When Sula dies, the community is lost. They have no one left who they can blame their bad fortunes on. This brings up a unique topic that relates to all of our lives. Friendship is also another major theme that stands out during the novel. The book represents the truth about friendship through Sula and Nel. The differences between two people do not determine if a friendship will last. Time is a major reason for that friendship can either be destroyed or made stronger. Sadly, in Nel and Sula’s case, their experiences that happen over time, break apart their friendship which becomes hard to rebuild. The last major theme that stood out to me was the negative effects of trust. Chicken Little had trust that Sula would not drop him when she swang him around the lake. However, her trust was lost when she let go. In the book she described it by saying, “When he slipped from her hands and sailed away out over the water they could still hear his bubbly laughter” (60). The trust he had for Sula eventually led to his own death. The negative outcomes of trust come up in this book a lot. Good vs. evil, friendship, and negative effects of trust are three major themes that stood out to me while reading

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