Similarities Between Odyssey And Aeneid

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The Odyssey and Aeneid both are similar in that they utilize the genre of epic poetry and focus around one particular hero, Odysseus and Aeneas respectively. However, considering the different historical contexts of the authors, various cultural and characterization differences present themselves. The Odyssey was composed approximately 750 years before the Aeneid and in a completely different cultural setting, although Virgil utilized many aspects of the Odyssey in writing the Aeneid. Homer lived in Greece, in one of the Greek city states, although which is unknown. On the other hand, Virgil lived in Rome, though he travelled to Greece, and even wrote the Aeneid partly in Greece, but at this point Greece belonged to the Roman Empire and their…show more content…
He sees smoke, but does not know who lives on the island, so he decides to "send [his crew] out for scouting" (Od. Bk. 10 Ln. 170). Even after his experience with multiple cannibalistic people and monsters, Odysseus still has faith in Zeus and his protection of guests, or at least people's fear of Zeus. This proves to be a careless decision, as Circe turns his men into animals. Odysseus does not seem to learn from his previous mistakes and instead trusts that Circe or whoever lives on the island will be hospitable to him and his men. However, he does seem to be more cautious this time, "numbering off [his] band of men-at-arms into two platoons" (Ody. Bk. 10 Ln. 222-223), instead of just taking all of his men with him as at Laestrygonia, although he still has complete confidence that his crew will receive hospitality from whoever is living on the island. However, this expectance of hospitality that he continually does not receive seems to be a flaw in the character of Odysseus or the Greek culture as a whole when travelling, as there are many stories of people or monsters who kill travelers. They seem to expect something that does not always occur, and even after seeing examples where it is not present, they continue to expect it and expect people to allow the fear of Zeus to rule their decisions regarding

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