Death In Danticat's The Farming Of Bones

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In the Farming of Bones, Danticat’s develops the theme of death through the characterization of amabelle, by her experiences of death by her parents, and odette, as well as the symbolism of the mask and the river which demonstrates that its possible to heal the trauma of death, by accepting those who have passed on, and finding acceptance. Amabelle, is a young Haitian woman who was adopted into a family in the Dominican Republic in the 1930’s. Being orphaned at such a young age when her parents drowned, Amabelle is cursed by dreams and nightmares about her childhood. In the happy dreams, she tells us these kindhearted memories of family life with loving parents (Chapter 1) , but in the nightmares, she relives the moment when her mother…show more content…
Odette is taken away and the exhausted priest marks her name in a notebook. Corpses are laid out in rows and as Amabelle stands over Odette's body she feels as if she will always carry the moment with her. Yves guides Amabelle into a health center where sisters are caring for the many wounded and near dead who have tried to cross the border back into Haiti. Two doctors work furiously to save those who are struggling on the peak of life. Amabelle and Yves try to respect the many, wounded, and weeping people around them. There are people of all ages who are burned to ashes. Towards the end of the book, streets erupt in joy over the murder of General Trujillo. The dictator who fomented his own people to kick out haitians has been shot while he was driving down a major street with his posture and name. The celebration is the first time, since the public has had justice of the peace of years before. Amabelle has seen a crowd remembering the slaughter of her friends and family. People dance with joy and make noise for the proudness of the General

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