A Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay

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The different of girl and women The story of “A good man is hard to find” and the story of “Boy and Girls” are both sending a good convey central meanings to the reader. The main character of “a good man is hard to find” which was the typical southern lady was wearing a prim and proper uncomfortable-outfit so that “anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady" (O'Connor, "A Good Man" 382). “Grandmother” is using her situation and all the setting to prove that everyone should be kind and mercy, no matter if other people label the person who was bad or done any bad stuff before, they should be a good person. Even in the story the bad character Misfit killed her son and her family and forces her to see the reality of the real life. .the grandmother still thinks…show more content…
Having a same experience in the family trip. Facing the bad guy The both story main character are both as same as female, but they are growing environmental factor are totally different in both stories, Grandmother growing up in a good city, peoples around her were nice and good person and she not really have seen any bad person before in her life, so she think everyone in the world should be nice, wonderful and should think like her.( O'Connor) Compare to the other story “boys and girls” the main character laird revolves around women like men to pursue equality, freedom, women should get a fair and love, intuition and judgment instinctively treat things such as. She understand that what is the real life is when she growing up in her chill life. She is looking for a chance to change the world, looking for freedom, everyone should be fair not matter if it a boy or
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