Ophelia Character Analysis

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The play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare had one truly innocent victim, Ophelia. She lost her love, father, and mind at the manipulative hands of those around her. Ophelia was a victim of emotional/verbal abuse, and just plain lack of compassion from the people whom she loved endlessly, yet didn’t care enough about her. Ophelia was continuously being brainwashed by her brother, Laertes, and father, Polonius. In the beginning they start trying to convince her that Hamlet doesn’t actually care for her and is only interested in sleeping with her. “If he says he loves you… fear it, Ophelia, fear it, my dear sister, and keep you in the rear of your affection” (1.3.27,37-38). He tells her to be wary of Hamlet’s love. How can she not listen to her brother? The brother who is supposed to have her in his best interest? He easily drills fear and doubt into her young mind because she is too innocent and young to not believe every word her…show more content…
In act 3 scene 1, they basically use her as bait for Hamlet. They hide behind a curtain and eavesdrop on the altercation nearby, hoping to find out what the cause of Hamlet’s madness is. She is then subjected to extremely harsh words from Hamlet, all because she is being forced. It’s easy to think she doesn’t care that she is being put up to this, but when you look at the facts, she was never asked, she was told. By the King and her father no less. There was no room for a refusal even if she wanted to, which I highly believe she did. She cared deeply for Hamlet, no way she would willingly put herself into a situation for him to tear her down over and over again. “I did love you once… You should not have believed me… I loved you not”(3.1.125,127,129). With these words Ophelia’s heart was no doubt broken, plunging her deeper down the tragic path she was being forced upon. Her brother was abroad, lover gone, now the only person she had to rely on was her

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