Certified Nurse Midwife Essay

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A Certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) work closely with pregnant women, help them in child births and give post-delivery care to women and child. CNMs are trained registered nurses with a specialization in nurse midwifery. They are found to work in different settings like hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), private practice health departments and birthing centers. They are also seen to provide care in rural areas and inner-city settings where people are underserved. CNMs play a crucial role in providing emotional and educational support to the patient families during pregnancy and childbirth. Qualification: To become a CNM, you must obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from an accredited college (ideally in nursing or science-related field) and complete an accredited MSN program with specialization in midwifery. Registered nurses with an associate degree in nursing may apply for a RN-to-BSN programs which will qualify them to pursue an MSN program.…show more content…
Main Duties: A Certified Midwife has a specialization in the management of women health issues and assisting women from puberty to menopause. According to the state laws, CNMs may practice individually or in a multidisciplinary healthcare team. While working very closely with women in their difficult moments, the patient and CNMs often develop a strong bond. Bringing smile to a face will give a professional satisfaction to CNMs. The main duties of a certified nurse midwife’s includes : • Helping women in all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and post-delivery • Taking care of the patients from puberty to menopause • Working closely with obstetricians and gynaecologists • Taking note of the medical history of a patient, and doing a physical exam • Performing diagnostic tests and

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