9/11 Short Stories

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It was 1936 and Juan wanted to take a late night stroll in hope of not only burning off steam, but to clear his mind. He didn’t have to worry about Milam square being packed with tourist seeing how it was ten til midnight. “How can she do this to me?” he angrily grunted while flicking the ash from hand rolled cigar. His eyes welled up as he pulled out a cheap bottle of scotch. For twenty solid minutes he would swallow his joy, and smoke his happiness away. Tonight he would try to leave behind the torment and pain that wallowed through his heart. Never had he been so hurt, and so intoxicated, leaving him in a severely vulnerable state. Weakened his mind would drift off towards the darkness, thoughts of mind numbing rage filled his heart.…show more content…
After being turned down by all the banks, Juan out of desperation had taken out a loan to help pay for his wife’s appendix surgery three months ago. As the first church bell tolled, he had decided he was going back home. He was going back home to make sure that his wife would never mock their marriage again. “Stupid bitch” he said while stumbling to get on his feet. Meanwhile the crowbar himself had spotted Juan’s parked truck. Grabbing his crowbar, “pay or pain.” he said to himself as he headed towards the park. The second bell tolled as he lost his grip against one of the monuments that he had been previously holding onto for support. Falling to the floor the third bell tolled, which meant it was midnight as he finally found his balance to stand. “Til death do us part my ass” he said as while slowly making his way toward his truck. Gusts and unruly winds waved in his direction almost blinding him. And thats when he saw them, the large hooded wraith-like creatures all with different and hideous faces. Swaying and encircling him they moved opposite of the wind’s direction almost as if they were dancing before him. The first hooded figure had several faces of…show more content…
Finally much larger than the other two stood a towering faceless figure. Searching for a grim face Juan found none, he would only find a dark endless core. “Ye, who hath seek torment stare upon it’s masters.” Bellowed with a soul shuddering voice. In the darkness they encircled him. Looking beyond his thoughts of wrath and pride, they knew emotions did not truly measure a man. They would also look at his life deeds, reading his soul like a book. “Juan Estrada you have much worry in your heart, but you are a good man. And we shall let you stay among the living, but heed our warning and not give into those thoughts of the damned while in this place. For this is holy ground and we are the Devils of Milam square, able to bestow upon judgment whom we see fit. For hell will make room for those who await it.” The middle devil exclaimed just before pointing towards the way out. Terrified as he ran while struggling to search for his keys, his left leg was greeted by Omar the crowbar’s crowbar with a bash to his leg. “What did I tell you, when we made this deal? Pay or pain. It’s pretty simple, and I’ve just started.” Omar the crowbar snarled. On the floor in pure agony, Juan screamed. “No please, I would have paid you but I had

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