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Crossword Puzzles: A Debatable Future Crossword puzzles have enjoyed over a century of success, but their place in society over the next century is in question. The crossword puzzle is an early 20th century game and it hasn’t changed much since then, which is a good thing, because people don’t want it to. However, the way it is promoted needs to be changed. Back when everybody read the newspaper, the crossword puzzle was easily accessible. Since the rise of the Internet, the readership of news publications has been on a steady decline. Considering the crossword puzzle relies on those publications for visibility, it’s clear that it needs to find a new medium soon. With that being said, the crossword puzzle is culturally significant in countries…show more content…
Doing a crossword puzzle isn’t exciting, rather it is satisfying. It takes patience, critical thinking, and no distractions to properly do a crossword puzzle, which are three things younger people struggle with. This is not to say that they are unable to do crosswords, but that they are unwilling. With age, you come to appreciate cognitive exercise. Crossword puzzle makers are banking on this; if it remains true, then crosswords will always have a place in society. Getting Mobile Most people have cellphones and those who publish crosswords are finally starting to take notice. There’s starting to be a transition towards mobile devices and it seems to be paying off. There are dozens of popular crossword puzzle apps for both iOS and Android devices. This is the first step in the right direction to target the youth. With that being said, getting mobile isn’t only about the youth. Elderly people love their mobile devices as well. In America, there are more elderly people with tablets than cellphones. This indicates that they too are wanting to transition away from print. Furthermore, when the millennials turn 60, they certainly will be using mobile devices. Crossword puzzle publishers need to plan for the future and invest time, money, and energy into finding its place in the technological

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