20 Day Photo Challenge Research Paper

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I don’t know about other people, but I know that I don’t appreciate what is around me. I have a hard time just enjoying the beautiful scenery outside my window. Leaves changing color, breezy days and at night hearing the crickets chirping. Life is too short; something my elders tell me all the time. I chose the 20-day photo challenge that would help me experience my life one day at a time. I decided that this challenge would help me through a hectic school schedule and one crazy family. Every day is a surprise for me. If it’s not school work, it’s taking care of my family. Sometimes I feel like keeping a personal planner and making friends and family book an appointment. I remember the first day the assignment was introduced; I had told my sister right after class was dismissed. “So what did you learn today, loser?” she asked. “Nothing, she just…show more content…
We both know that we’ll forget about it.” I laughed. My sister just laughed as well but for a different reason. She knew that I wasn’t going to complete the challenge. Lo and behold, I failed miserably. I did do it for the first couple of days but then life got in the way. The days I did do it were the most memorable. For example, in the first week I took a picture of a red cars license plate. It said “KITYMOM”. My brother and I, were at the red light waiting when he chuckled and said look at that and pointed. I just told him to hand me my phone, I was going to take a picture. We were laughing so hard because we thought the driver was creeped out from us taking a picture without their consent. The driver slowly moved up but it was because the light had turned green. I recognize that one of my many roadblocks for this challenge was to remember. I was going to put reminders on my phone to take one at a specific time but I forgot to put the reminder on my phone. It’s ironic that I forgot to put the reminder to remind me to take a picture. I was also going to have my sister do it to but she wasn’t the best of

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