George Orwell 1984 Slogan Analysis

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The book 1984 written by George Orwell is about a man named Winston Smith who wants to discover more about the world of hatred, isolation, and fear around him. He lives in a war zone called Oceania, and people who live there are strictly controlled by the Party. There are two more major superpowers called Eurasia and Eastasia who go to war with Oceania frequently. Smith is an employee at The Ministry of Truth where he revises historical documents, and rewrites news stories to reflect the party’s infallibility. This is where he gets his desire to learn more about the world around him, and starts thinking about the society and slogans around him. Orwell has three major slogans used in this narrative; “War is Peace”,” Ignorance is Strength”, and “Freedom is Slavery”. The way the author describes “War is Peace” in this story is more of a positive allegiance to one’s country. He uses the words patriotism and devotion to show that if the general public were to fight in the war they are more patriotic and devoted to their government. If people go to war it shows sacrifice and the pledge to one’s country, and that passes on to more people to make this a never ending cycle. After forcing and using that slogan enough, over time people just begin to think that peace is maintained through war.…show more content…
The Party has the power in the world because they force facts upon people that are not true, but since people are ignorant they maintain happy and optimistic because they do not know better. That is why Winston’s job is so beneficial to the Party because he is the one who feeds people lies so they do not find the truth and start rebelling. The manipulation of the people comes from their unawareness of what is really happening around them and the significance of their

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