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Tale Tell Heart There are many categories in the horror unit. We will give you many examples. i found that Tell Tale Heart has more examples of horror categories. A true horror story is Tell Tale Heart for many reasons. Tale Tell Heart is about a guy that who want to kill the old man. Just for his eyes, it reminds him of a eye of the vulture. He killed the old man, the cop showed up. The reason why they should up was because the neighbors heard a loud scream, in the middle of the night. This book has three main categories in the story tale Tell Heart. I picked suspens, meet something awful and advanced knowledge. The first category in horror is suspen. Suspen is where they is tense. Another one is where they are waiting for something to happen. In the story Tale Tell Heart the quote i picked show so much suspense.”Oh you would have laughed to see how cunningly i thrust it in.” on page #295. The reason why i picked this quote is because the quote has a lot of suspense in it. “ Every Night just at twelve i looked upon him, while he slept.” This quote is on page #296 this quote for many…show more content…
these quotes will give you many examples on how this story has how they will meet something awful in the story. Here is one example of how they meet something awful. “ I dragged him to the floor and pulled the heavy bed over him. I then smiled gaily” this quote is one page #299. That quotes hows how they meet something awful in the story. Because he liked what he was doing and didn't feel bad at all about what he did. Another quote is “yes he’s stone dead.” that quote is on page # 299. These two quotes prove that we meet something awful in the story. Now there's two valid quotes on how we meet something awful in the story Tale Tell Heart. The reason why is because he does not feel bad about what he did, to the old man. Clearly, these quotes have shown you two valid quotes on tale tell
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