The Iliad

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  • Athena Vs Sparta

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    Wars are a difficult problem for the world. Some people choose to fight wars thoughtfully while others use brute force. Ares was the god of war, he killed without thinking while Athena was the goddess of wisdom. she thought through every maneuver. Ares and Athena were very powerful gods in greek mythology. Although they have similarities they have many differences as well. Many wars were fought during the Greek era. “Ares fought the great battle of Troy from the Greek epic Homer. The Trojans drove

  • Heracles Amphora Analysis

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    Existence and Implication of Heracles on the Amphora The Greek’s arts have amazing skills and splendor of creative artists, so those arts are literally unbelievable without any exaggeration. In addition, the arts perfectly shows the detail such as what the Greek people thought about and what culture belonged to the Greek people. One of the specific example is Attic Red Figure Stamnos. This is an amphora that has an image about Heracles who fights with a lion. This art makes observers ponder what

  • Homecomings In The Odyssey

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    In the land of the dead, Agamemnon finds out that Odysseus’s successfully killed all the suitors and regained power of Ithaca. Agamemnon is overjoyed by the success of Odysseus because it mean that his wife was faithful, which is a big theme throughout The Odyssey as well as themes like betrayal, marriage, unwelcome homecomings and the death of heroes which were also revenged during the battle in the great hall. Agamemnon exclaims his joy for Penelope’s faith and Odysseus’s successful homecoming;

  • Odysseus Use Of Disguise In Homer's The Odyssey

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    In Books Thirteen through Fifteen of Homer’s The Odyssey, disguises are employed in an effort to lessen the perceived grandeur of a character, unlike how disguises were previously utilized to glorify a character. Before Odysseus landed on his native island of Ithaca, Athena created disguises for her subjects in an effort to improve their demeanor and thus leave others wonder-struck so her subjects can influence others. For example, Athena “[…] lavished a marvelous splendor on [Telemachus]” (Homer

  • How Did Odysseus Lose His Identity

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    Temptation is defined as a desire for something, especially something thought wrong. In the Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus had a desire to go home but many obstacles he had to face during his adventures were temptations by Goddesses, who gave him a feeling of homecoming. But giving into their temptations almost caused him to surrender his identity. After discovering his identity, Circe tried to influence Odysseus into losing his desire to go home but with the help of his men, he reset his mind on his

  • Athena In The Odyssey Research Paper

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    Athena the Goddess Athena was a tough Greek goddess who was so intelligent she made the she most clever gods look stupid. She was intelligent and humble. She was able to survive in the world without any help of anyone. She was able to come up with clever tactics and strategies to win battles. In the Odyssey, Athena takes a particular liking for Odysseus, and she makes sure to help him when needed. Odysseus often comes to her for help and advice as well. When Penelope, Odysseus’ wife, cries herself

  • Compare And Contrast The Conflict Between Ramayana And Aeneid

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    It is common for destiny to result in action, which sometimes lead to conflict. Most of the stories in ancient literature revolve around moral choice and fate that results in conflict between characters that lead them to reveal emotions of anger, situations such these are shown in the story of Ramayana and Aeneid. Characters sometimes suffer the consequences of their choices. The conflicts in these stories are mostly conflict between characters that was resulted because of one of the character’s

  • How Does Achilles Change In The Movie Troy

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    In the movie Troy many people die, but it’s much more than just people dying. It’s about several hero’s who go on a journey and in the end become transformed because of the different challenges they face. For instance, Achilles starts out as a man who is a ruthless warrior who transforms into a hero that is sympathetic and no longer cares about fame. In the beginning of the story Achilles is living in Greece, which is his normal world. He doesn’t fight for one specific king because he feels that

  • Sigurd The Volsung: An Epic Hero

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    In the epic poem, Sigurd the Volsung, the hero, Sigurd, is different from other heroes in a way that he is a more considerate and selfless hero. He is a noble hero that puts the needs and wants of others before his own, and does not survive solely on fame and power from his people. He is the least greedy, yet deserves the best of things because of his kind, generous heart. Compared to other heroes, Sigurd not only challenges himself by mentally and physically pursuing many adventures, but is not

  • Social Changes In The Odyssey

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    One of Homer’s most fascinating and intriguing pieces of work is “The Odyssey”. Homer was believed to be the first and most fascinating epic poet of his time by the ancient Greeks. Many scholars believe “The Odyssey” was composed near the end of the 8th century and is a sequel to “The Illiad”. Although “The Odyssey” was composed near the end of the 8th century, many scholars believe that it was orally passed since around 1200 B.C. During the time in which “The Odyssey” was written major economic