Compare And Contrast The Conflict Between Ramayana And Aeneid

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It is common for destiny to result in action, which sometimes lead to conflict. Most of the stories in ancient literature revolve around moral choice and fate that results in conflict between characters that lead them to reveal emotions of anger, situations such these are shown in the story of Ramayana and Aeneid. Characters sometimes suffer the consequences of their choices. The conflicts in these stories are mostly conflict between characters that was resulted because of one of the character’s destiny, for example, Sita and Rama conflict. The disagreement between Rama and Sita was resulted because of her destiny of being kidnapped and being taken away from Rama. Conflicts between characters will outcome in representation of emotion of anger…show more content…
One situation of destiny that leads to conflict and revealing emotions instead of disclosing them is the conflict between Rama and Sita. When Rama found seta after being kidnapped, he began to speak of rage and promptly he showed his feelings of anger and irritation “since, however, your virtue is now in doubt, your presences has become as unbearable to me as a bright lamp to a man afflicted with a disease of the eye” (Damrosch 896 ) . Rama harsh words filled Sita with indignation “Now as Rama was saying these words in this fashion. Sita, who looked like a wide-eyed doe, was overcome with tears” (Damrosch 896). After hearing Rama’s harsh words Sita couldn’t hold the feeling of being oppressed and immedialty overcome with tears. Even though Rama loved seta, due to his culture he can’t take back Sita, he assumes that she betrayed him by living in a house with another man. He describes himself as a powerful man from a respectful family that would never take back a woman who betrayed him. Sita being kidnapped in the story is her fate and destiny. But her fate arose in conflicts between her and Rama. Rama sense of being betrayed makes him lose the trust he had for Sita. He pours out his emotions of anger to Sita accusing her with

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