Stem Cell Research

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  • Persuasive Against Animal Testing Essay

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    boy reaches in his pocket and carefully pulls out his treasured asthma inhaler. Taking a few puffs from this miraculous lifeline, he breathes easily again. Animal research is responsible for the development of asthma inhalers. Without it, this boy and thousands of asthma sufferers like him would be dead. Did you know that animal research has played a crucial part in almost every medical breakthrough over the last decade? Do you support unnecessary human deaths that could have easily been prevented

  • Fragile X Syndrome Research Paper

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    When a full mutation is present, it causes the gene to turn off. The gene is then unable to make the protein it regularly makes. The protein normally is found in many types of cells but mostly in nerve cells. The protein is thought to aid the brain in development and communication with other nerve cells. Fragile X gets its name from the appearance of the X chromosome under the microscope. It appears very fragile as if it is hanging by a thread and could break at any moment. (Prevention

  • Forest Trees

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    making industries, especially artisans of Nirmal, Kondapalli, Guntur, Mallavaram and Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh are dependent on this wood for their livelihood. Apart from its industrial use, the plant has been a part of folklore medicine where stem bark and fruits are reported to be used in the treatment of various ailments such as skin diseases, snake bite, stomach pains, haemorrhage in humans and ephemeral fever in live stocks and caries [6-8]. Moreover, fruits are also used for making perfumes

  • Kratom Legend Case Study

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    popularly known as Kratom. Our sole mission is to provide precise, clinical and authenticated information on Kratom effects, Kratom experiences & more to enable initial user understand the herb better and have a successful experience. Through strenuous research and sense of responsibility Kratom Legend solemnly furnishes accurate information about Kratom. Kratom – A prominent medical herb The prominence of Kratom is spreading across the globe like wild fire owing to the fact that its various positive effects

  • Essay On Coriander Leaves

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    Coriander or otherwise called dhania by the vast majority of us is used for the most part as a part of gravies and as a curry paste. In Mexico and the South western U.S. it is utilized as a part of everything from salsas and plates of mixed greens to burritos or meat dishes. Chopped coriander leaves are a topping on cooked dishes, for example, dal and curries. As heat lessens their flavor rapidly, coriander leaves are often used raw or added to the dish just before serving. Coriander is a flowering

  • The Pros And Cons Of Biotechnology

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    While there are those in support of the relatively new stem of technology, arguing that it could lead to an advanced medical field, a flourishing agricultural industry, and a more ethical judicial system, there are also those in opposition who retort that it may not be as safe as many claim it is, that it may

  • In Vitro Fertilization Argumentative

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    the disapproval for unnatural reproduction. Opponents against the natural course of life condemned Robert’s technique as playing God and not forgetting the ethical concerns behind unused fertilized embryos although some are stored, used for stem cell research and the remaining destroyed. Radicals have expressed views that laboratory technicians should be charged with murder as fertilized embryos are prospective human life forms. Conflicts have also surfaced as to what

  • Acacia Tree Essay

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    MEDICINAL USAGE - Gum Arabic's main effect is to form a protective, soothing coating over inflammations in the respiratory, alimentary, and urinary tracts. It is helpful for coughs, sore throat, and catarrh, eyewash, diarrhea, and dysentery. Sweetened, it is sometimes used for typhoid fever. DIETARY - Acacia is the gum that is exuded from the acacia tree. It’s a dietary fiber that can dissolve in water. As a medicine, acacia is taken by mouth to reduce cholesterol levels and to help increase weight

  • Benefits Of Biotechnology

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    Benefits and Risks of Biotechnology Biotechnology is technology applied in biology to improve lives and health in society. It is technology that harnesses cellular processes . These cellular processes can be applied in healthcare, agriculture, and industry to improve their effectiveness and efficiency . Biotechnology has a very heavy influence on life today . Healthcare Biotechnology is already benefitting over 350 million patients globally and treats heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, leukemia

  • Osteoarthritis Research Paper

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    Introduction Osteoarthritis is a progressively degenerative joint disease that affects more than half of the population by age 65 and roughly 80% of people by age 75.1,2 It is the most common musculoskeletal disease and the most common joint disorder in the world.1,3 Osteoarthritis is classified as a total joint disease that affects the hyaline (articular) cartilage, the synovial lining, and progressively the underlying bone as well as the supporting ligaments of the involved joint. The articular