Dna Synthesis Lab Report

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2. Theoretical background General information.. The aim of this experiment was to isolate and characterize DNA obtained from calf thymus; this organ was chosen because of its relatively high DNA content. The isolated Deoxynucleic acid, often abbreviated to DNA, is a biochemical macromolecule which functions as the most important encoder of genetic instructions for all currently known living organisms. DNA, just like RNA is a nucleic acid which consists of two polymer strands forming an anti-parallel structure called a double helix. (Figure 1.) These strands are built up from ribose molecules chained together with phosphate molecules in between them, forming the backbone of a DNA molecule. A single DNA-strand is approximately 2,2 to 2,6 nanometers…show more content…
In an acidic environment the DNA is firstly boiled to break it up into various components. One of these a component formed after this step, called ω-hydroxylevulinylaldehyde reacts with the added diphenylamine. This subsequently forms a blue colored complex with can be measured using a spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 602nm. A spectrophotometer is a basic analytical instrument which sends a beam of light of a pre-programmed wavelength through a cuvette holding the sample. The light is then either transmitted through or reflected from the sample. As the beam of light travels further on, it hits a detector which gives readout of the absorption of light form the…show more content…
First seven test tubes of both the DNA sample and the DNA standard are placed in a heating block at a temperature of °C 50. In addition to these one extra test tube filed with water and a thermometer is inserted into the block to keep track of the actual temperature. After staying at the given temperature for 10 minutes, one tube of both standards is removed and cooled down. This process is repeated for the remaining test tubes at temperatures of 60, 70, 80, 85, 90 and 95 °C. After all samples had reached room temperature, they were spectrophotometrically measured at

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