Marxism In Brave New World

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Individualism has always been feared by society. Karl Marx created a phenomenal theory known as the Marxism Theory. The Marxism Theory consists of many different aspects that lead to the main idea of a stable society. In the text Brave New World, Aldous Huxley envisions a full functioning society that has been conditioned and genetically engineered. Huxley envisions a utopian society where everyone there appears to be truly happy. In this society everyone is given a social status at birth. Just like in the main society's caste system and every day's society social strata. However, Huxley includes a threat that can disturb this utopian society. Individuals represent the threat they pose as they think for themselves and question society. As…show more content…
Marx believed that a person of a superior class would enjoy a life of bliss and luxuries. However, a person of a lower class would suffer a life of poverty and sorrow. Hall argues that because everyone in society has been conditioned many people, “… may even believe that they deserve the conditions they live in” (Hall 78). Marx knows that the society will condition everyone so well that people will eventually believe that everything in society is the correct and only way. Meaning that the people in society will accept the status quo without questioning their position or the reason they are in the place they are. Just about everyone in the utopian society that Huxley created does not know what it is like to be in any other social caste. Everyone is programed into the social class they are in since birth and are programed to never question or dream of being in a different social class. That is why they feel they belong in the social class they are put into. The only person who is unsatisfied with the social class they are in are the individuals. The individuals are unsatisfied with themselves and believe they either deserve more or less or what they already have. One very unique individual has lived in two very different social classes. When the government lowers her social status the individual suffers a tremendous amount. This individual now thinks differently than the group. The individual now is unsatisfied and strives to achieve a greater social

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