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  • Against Social Contract Theory

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    This essay will be outlining why Pateman is against the social contract theories. On the former, this essay will consider why the social contract theories should be favoured. In order to construct this essay, it will consist of the social contractors, Lock, Hobbes and Rousseau. Thus, from this paper, it will arrive at the conclusion that, Pateman has valid reasons on why she rejects the social contract theories, which is due to her feminist beliefs. A social contract theory is a consensual agreement

  • Yellow Wallpaper Comparison

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    Compare and Contrast of the Story of an Hour and the Yellow Wall Paper In this essay I will be comparing the two short stories “The Story of an Hour” and “The Yellow Wallpaper”. “The Story of an Hour”, written by Kate Chopin, is centered around a woman by the name Louise Mallard and her reaction after being informed of her husbands “death”, On the other hand “The Yellow Wallpaper” Written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is about Jane, A young, newly married mother who at the time is undergoing care because

  • Essay On Meo Women

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    Meo Women of Mewat slowly started recognizing her true potential. They have started questioning the rules laid down for her by the Meo society. As a result, she has started breaking barriers and earned a respectable position in the region. Today Meo women have excelled in each and every field. Today Meo woman is so deft and self-sufficient that she can be easily called a superwoman, juggling many fronts single handedly. Meo Women are now fiercely ambitious and are proving their metal not only on

  • Barriers Between Gender Inequality

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    One second, two seconds, three seconds go by and women are already underneath the average male. Over several decades, females made significant strides to be seen as equals in comparison to men. From voting rights to job opportunities, women continue to break barriers between gender inequalities. The pay gap is a current controversial topic in which females hope to earn the same salaries as their male counterparts if they do not do so already. Whether this gap exists or not is debatable and differs

  • Examples Of Feminism

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    are advocating ideas less embraced in the past. The most distinct example would be feminism that has been evolving over time. Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. The word “feminism” originated from the French word “feminisme” created by the utopian socialist Charles

  • Essay On Gender Equality In The Workplace

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    Today everyone knows about of the issues that go to gender equality. Everyone has witnessed, heard, or be a victim of sexual harassment. I mean you can't even go through your day without hearing or seeing it on social media or tv. In recent events there has been a campaign that arose again, that is #Metoo. This campaign has brought everyone together. Including men and women. The campaign was started by actress Alyssa Milano back in october when she heard about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein;

  • Speech About Gender Equality

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    We live in a world where we all stereotype people, places, and things. When we think of a nurse we assume it’s female, when we think of the colour blue we think of guys, and when we think of our kitchen, we think about our mom. But why can’t men be nurses, girls wear the colour blue and our fathers cook? These are all gender labels we place on ourselves, peers, and family members without a second thought. This frustrates me… why are we limiting options of jobs, colours, or hobbies to certain genders

  • Elena Ferrante Analysis

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    The work of the Neapolitan writer Elena Ferrante has received much attention in recent years, becoming the subject of countless articles, not only in the Italian press, but also in many of the world’s most prestigious publications. Paolo di Paolo, writing for La Stampa, provides us with a succinct description of the “caso Ferrante”: “Merita perciò di essere studiato il fenomeno-Ferrante: un’autrice di cui tuttora si ignora l’identità salutata qualche settimana fa dal New Yorker come una grande artista

  • The Women's Rights Movement

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    The 20th century was marked by vast amounts of social change. It was a time that men walked on the moon, women entered the workforce, and new technological advancements altered the culture of America forever. One of the most impactful bringers of change were the ladies behind the Women's Rights Movement. Additionally, in the counterculture movement of the 1960s and ‘70s, youth culture was marked with a period that championed the principles of liberation and forming a community of “the people”: all

  • The Second Sex Simone De Beauvoir Analysis

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    In the introduction of her book, The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir attempts to define the concept of “woman”, or “femininity” and arrives to the conclusion that woman has been defined as an “other” in relation to men. In this essay I will attempt to explain what de Beauvoir means by defining woman in terms of “other” and will provide some examples as to how this “otherness” is unique in the case of women. De Beauvoir begins her book by asking “what is a woman?” In page 1 she asserts that there