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  • My Antonia's Independence

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    Beyonce once said, ”I felt like it was time to set up my future, so I set a goal. My goal was independence”. Independence is an important piece to the movement of feminism. Feminist quotes can be found in many of Beyonce’s, an iconic female figure for all women today, lyrics. It is what the female characters in My Antonia have and it is what makes them strong, important characters. The value of independence among women in My Antonia by Willa Cather relates to the feminist point of view that Beyonce

  • The Concept Of Motherhoo Motherhood

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    Many people are against feminism because they claim to support families and think that feminists are against motherhood and families in general. This impression many people have of feminism, according to Elaine Tuttle Hansen, is “so ingrained . . . that in an anthology of writing from the women’s liberation movement . . . essays on ‘family’ are prefaced with this disclaimer: ‘We are not against love, against men and women living together, against having children. What we are against is the role women

  • Roar: A Thematic Analysis

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    In modern society, feminism is defined as being part of a cultural world that is expressed within the media rather then as critical, independent voices. In other words, feminism can now be described as ‘post-feminism’, whose boundaries are closely linked to those of ‘antifeminism’, ‘new traditionalism’, and ‘third-wave feminism’. According to scholars such as Jess Butler, Rosalind Gill, and Marjorie Jolles, post-feminism offers a contradictory and patterned approach to feminist ideals, which are

  • Women's Movement Speech

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    One of the things the women’s movement does is to make you feel pain. You have to have a lot of courage to accept that if you commit yourself, over the long term, not just for three months, not for a year, not for two years, but for a lifetime, to feminism, to the women’s movement, that you are going to live with a lot of pain. In this country that is not a fashionable thing to do. So be prepared for the therapists. And be prepared for the prescriptions. Be prepared for all the people who tell you

  • Nancy Fraser Capitalism And The Cunning Of History Summary

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    Nancy Fraser’s Feminism, Capitalism and the Cunning of History provides a comprehensive account of second-wave feminism amid three distinct phases of shifting social and political structures emerging from a post-war setting, proceeding to neo-liberalist organization and presently shifting to a state characterised by a capitalist crisis. By organizing her article into three sections, Fraser systematically deconstructs the phases of state organization and how they interact with ideals of second-wave

  • Bad Feminist Roxane Gay Summary

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    out the common misconceptions of feminism and provokes the reader to think of feminism as a movement that isn’t rigid in it’s idealism but a fluid and necessary movement in society. The writer is an intellectual badass who uses relatable life anecdote, thought provoking perspective and a brusque tone to make her point clear and connect with the reader. Gay’s initial description of a “Professional Feminist” versus a “Bad Feminist” helps broaden the idea that feminism is only for certain types of women

  • Comparing The Handmaid's Tale And Th Brave New World

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    Since the literary birth of biblical versions of utopian and dystopian societies, there has always been a gender dynamic presented in the text between men and women and what constitutes a perfect or imperfect relationship between the two. An analysis of multiple books through a period of the 20th century were the best sources in which to compare the most recent forms of social constructions of gender and how that influences fictional writing. For this reason, the historical context in which each

  • Judy Chicago Analysis

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    world. The two pieces of artwork that I will be comparing and contrasting are Black Iris by Georgia O’Keefe and Peeling Back by Judy Chicago, both of which are abstract pieces. My motivation for choosing these two female artists is my respect for feminism. In this paper you will find that I give my reactions and judgments on both pieces of art, while using the knowledge I have gained in this course as well as the artists, websites and books to successfully analyze these pieces of artwork. Judy Chicago

  • Annotated Bibliography Of Slutbalk

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    Bibliography 15 December 2014 SlutWalk: Positive Interpretations Doyle, Sady. "SlutWalk NYC: Real Empowerment, Corsets and All." In These Times. N.p., 11 Oct. 2011. Web. 11 Dec. 2014. In this article it explains that the movement may not be the future of feminism but it should be more scrutinized in a sense that things should be taken more seriously. Sady Doyle's thesis was that "SlutWalk is not only a feminist protest but the feminist protest" (Doyle). The article is written for the general public, but also

  • The Kite Runner Research Paper

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    Feminism : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Why do we need feminism? We need feminism because we live in a world where people aren’t educated about equality or feminism. Feminism seems to have a derogatory meaning today; even many women deny being feminists because it sounds bad. Not only should all women be feminists, but everyone should be, just because it means equality. Feminism is an issue in The Kite Runner. From female oppression and male dominance