My Antonia's Independence

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Beyonce once said, ”I felt like it was time to set up my future, so I set a goal. My goal was independence”. Independence is an important piece to the movement of feminism. Feminist quotes can be found in many of Beyonce’s, an iconic female figure for all women today, lyrics. It is what the female characters in My Antonia have and it is what makes them strong, important characters. The value of independence among women in My Antonia by Willa Cather relates to the feminist point of view that Beyonce and women have today. Beyonce and Antonia show their independence when they express that they control themselves and they will do what makes them happy. Beyonce wrote the song “Grown Woman” in 2013, which has a ‘self-ruling’ theme throughout…show more content…
Jim talks about Antonia as being almost more than a man and views her as being a the source of humanity. While talking about her, he says, “she was a rich mine of life like the founder of early races” (Cather, 227). Jim shows that Antonia is not just a beautiful woman but she was root of life. He emphasizes this through the simile of the creator of life itself. As a celebrity, Beyonce is looked up to by all ages, races, and even genders. Beyonce is one of the leading feminine artists today and is an independent role model for many women of all ages. In the Huffington Post, an online news blog, Amanda Duberman wrote about Beyonce's impact at the 2014 MTV Music Awards. Doberman said, “Beyoncé's VMAs proclamation of feminism doesn't alleviate women's inequality, sexual assault, reproductive injustice or economic disparity, as HuffPost Entertainment's Lauren Duca pointed out. But it's a ringing endorsement for gender equality on a massive scale -- and at the very least, it got us talking.” Duberman’s post is an example of how the public views Beyonce as an important female role model for young women. Even though Beyonce does not solve all gender equality for women, the Huffington Post says that Beyonce’s performance, and support for feminism makes people recognize the issues because of her influence on people. Beyonce and Antonia show how they are paramount people and their views on

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