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  • Introducing Feminist Theology Summary

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    six chapters that address such topics as, the origins of Christian feminist theology, biblical perspectives, ecclesiology, feminist spirituality, and ecology. In this novel, Clifford aims to explain general phenomena regarding the broad topic of “feminism” and more specifically, Christian feminist thought. I believe one of Clifford’s main goals in this book was to accurately identify and provide possible solutions to essential issues regarding Christian feminist theology. Clifford comprehensibly states

  • Annie Besant Research Paper

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    of human beings” (The Theosophical Movement). Annie was the president of the Theosophical while Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, a spiritualist, founded the Theosophical Society in 1885. The two ideologies that drive the movement are gender equality and feminism. Gender ideology is concerned

  • Gloria Steinem Research Paper

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    Feminism: Not so Far-fetched Far too often the powerful concept of feminism is regarded ignorantly as misandristic (otherwise known as man-hating). Feminism has acquired an undeserved connotation of not representing equality between male and female genders, even though equality is what fundamental feminism believes in. Considerable thanks must be given to the men and women who helped, and continue to help, to establish western society as truly equitable. One woman had particular influence: Ms. Gloria

  • Hester Prynne In The Scarlet Letter

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    Most simply put in a quote from Cheris Kramarae, “feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings” (Good Reads.) In the 19th century, when The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne was written, it was most commonly used to “label” the fight for women’s vote and property ownership. Now in the 21st century it is used to fight for equality between men and women in politics and the workplace. Hester Prynne is a feminist because it can be inferred that she disagrees with the notions that women

  • Daughter Of Polonius Feminist Analysis

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    the ways that literature reinforces or undermines the economic, political, social, and psychological oppression of women (The OWL at Purdue, “Feminist Criticism”). The assumption in feminism is that women are not treated equally to men, and that women are disadvantaged in comparison to men (About Education, “Feminism Definition”). Feminist criticism in general demonstrates the injustice done to women. William Shakespeare’s famous

  • Analysis Of Claiming An Education By Adrienne Rich

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    I found the readings to be extremely powerful and thought provoking. In Adrienne Rich’s piece, Claiming an Education, she expresses some ideas that I had never thought about. After the thoughts were in my mind, it was very eye-opening. The idea that society is setting these subtle boundaries that really make a huge difference in the way women live. I do know that society has socially constructed norms but I didn’t realize how oblivious I was to the norms for women and how they are meant to oppress

  • We Should All Be Feminist Analysis

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    Feminism has never been a big issue for me. I grew up with a single mother and a step-father who both loved me and let me be myself and saw no issue with it. My parents were both employed and both were the primary bread winners. Everything in my childhood was an equal give and take. That is what feminism strives to have equality. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s, We Should All Be Feminist, affected me in a different way than it did most other people. I am someone who doesn’t really feel as though he fits

  • Winter's Bone Gender Roles

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    over achieving men as “Women earned 57% of bachelor's degrees, 60% of master's degrees and 52% of doctoral degrees in 2010” the Education Department reports. However an article by Kooistra, N. M. (2014) ‘Feminism Has Harmed Women by Eliminating Natural Gender Roles’[6] challenges the idea that Feminism has benefited women arguing that “the advice to women to seek work outside the home goes against the innate desires of women and leads to unhappiness.” Kooistra bases her argument on the idea that all

  • Generic Humanity Assumption Summary

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    Throughout chapter 3, we see a discussion on feminism concerning epistemology and how the traditional epistemologies do not support both sexes. Two of the four assumptions of traditional epistemology that feminists rejected are the Generic Humanity Assumption and The View from Nowhere Assumption. Generic Humanity Assumption is the theory that there is one universal human nature, which is basically an idea which lumps everyone together and takes away the individualistic attributes of the people

  • Yellow Wallpaper Depression

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    (including postpartum depression). The protagonist is an unnamed woman with a submissive, almost child-like faith and obedience to the supremacy of her husband, John. John is a renowned doctor and is treating her illness. This paper will focus on feminism in three areas; the medical diagnosis, the treatment prescribed, and the yellow wallpaper. The medical diagnosis Our protagonist and narrator of the “Yellow Wall-paper” appears to be suffering from a serious bout of depression, possibly post-partum