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  • Human Capability Analysis

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    individual’s capability of achieving a kind of life they consider valuable such as good health, being in loving safe environments and relationships (Sen, 1997). Human Capital Human capital can be defined as knowledge and skills that can be used to create economic value of individuals or their community, which also assists in creating a better social life for the population as large. For example education is an investment in human capital that pays off in terms of higher productivity (human capital, dictionary;

  • Technological Impact On Employment

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    economic growth by reducing the cost of production, it can also impact negatively on the employment. Kimberly Winston explains a technological change in economics as an increase of the efficiency in the production process that increases output without an increase in input. That means any invention that improves a product or a process of production that results in a bigger reward for the same amount of work. This technological change impacts on the level of Structural unemployment. Rittenberg and

  • The Negative Effects Of Globalization

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    social or economics. To gain a greater understanding of how globally extensive these aspects configure our lives in our locality we need to examine the many ways our people in the pacific participate in and are impacted by these interconnections. The scope of this discussion will focus on the beneficial and adverse

  • Effects Of Value Added Tax

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    Tax imposition and its collection, mostly depends upon a country’s economic structure, its developmental phase, growth of its service sector, extent to which the country has been industrialized, and its employment level (Qamruz, Okasha, & Muhammad, 2012). Tax enforcement and its collection is based on the efficiency of tax

  • Socio-Cultural Analysis Of Myanmar

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    an influence and impact on policy making. A wide range of religious and traditional elements motivated aspects of earlier economic policies. Myanmar's traditional culture also holds great potential for economic development by creating favourable conditions for investment in human capital. Myanmar has higher literacy rates than other countries with comparable levels of economic development. The country is also known for high levels of achievement motivation. Myanmar’s institutionalized religions,

  • Marxist Theory Of Capitalism

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    Capitalism has so many definitions. one can say that, “An economic system in which capital and capitalist play the principal part; the system of modern countries in which the ownership of land and natural wealth, the production, distribution, and the exchange of goods and the operation of the system itself are affected by private enterprise and control under competitive conditions.” (Wyld, capitalism). And based on Literature definition “A social system based on the recognition of the individual

  • The Importance Of Pricing Strategy

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    Task 3 Market forces Current market pattern experience cycles of economic development and contraction relying on different factors. These incorporate the overall health of the markets, consumer inclinations, world news and events. Albeit a few organizations perform superior to others in their industry, the market factors that influence the business in general must be contemplated when planning to begin or grow a business. There are a couple of factor such as Interest rate, currency strength of a

  • Neoliberalism: The Role Of Human Trafficking In Thailand

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    Research question: What is the role that neoliberalism has played in the high levels of human trafficking within the Southeast Asian country of Thailand and how has this country been able to create policies that will sucessfully control the contiual rise of this type of transnational crime? Theoretical & Conceptual Framework: This dissertation will focus on the theory of neoliberalism, in order to critically examine the causes of human trafficking. This is first done on a universial level and then

  • Cash Holding Case Study

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    II. Theory and Literature review 2.1 Review of important previous studies of cash holding issue Cash holding is an important financial and strategical issue for a corporation and also one of the hot issues of foreign and domestic academic researches. The concern for the cash holding issue could date back to the Keynesian theory of the demand for money. This theory is mainly focused on the demand for money from the perspective of macro economy. The theories and empirical studies of cash holding issue

  • Start Up Business Goals

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    Defining the vision of the business and determining the goals in order to achieve the vision are two simple but essential strategies a starting business can undertake. The vision of a business refers to how it sees itself focusing on in the future. A vision, in a similar sense is an aim. To fulfill its vision, it must establish a set of goals or as they are called in this report, objectives which will gradually lead a starting business to making the vision a reality. Aim The aims of a business are