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  • Essay On Transportation In Economic Development

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    Transportation is the motion of humans, animals and items from one region to any other. Transport Industry in India is an essential contributor to the Economic Development. The history of transportation starts offevolved with Walking, observed through Palanquin, Bullock Cart, Horse Carriage, Bicycle, Hand-Pulled Rickshaw, Cycle Rickshaw, accompanied through Water Ways, Road Ways, Rail Ways and Air Ways. The new improvements in transportation had been applied to lessen journey time. The trendy innovations

  • The Importance Of Work Stress

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    Work Stress The Indian economy is marching towards a high growth trajectory, albeit with certain impediments on the horizon, with the aim of achieving 9.0 percent GDP growth, it achieved 8.2 percent (2010-11). This fast growing economy is more concern to generate the income and employment opportunities that were needed for improving living standards for the bulk of the population and to generate the resources needed for financing social sector programs, aimed at reducing poverty and enabling inclusiveness

  • Essay On Mixed Economy

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    1.0 INTRODUCTION Economists mostly perceive three unmistakable sorts of economic system. These are command economies, market economies, and mixed economies. Each of these sorts of economies answers the three essential economic inquiries what to produce, how to produce it, for whom to produce it in various ways. In a command economy, the administration chooses the responses to the three essential inquiries. It chooses what will be made, how they will be made, and who will get them. Recently, unadulterated

  • Importance Of Economic Decision Making

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    Question 2 Economic models aid managers and economists to evaluate the economic decision-making process. Each of these models relies on a number of norms, or simple factors that are existing in all decision conditions. Virtually everybody in the world is involved in economic decision making at every point in time, from the wealthy people investing in real estate, to the small business proprietor signing a contract with a supplier and also the teen buying a new dress or applying for a job; and these

  • Tourism In India

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    Sustainable socio-economic Growth is an important need of the present world and it has mammoth possibility in the area of tourism sector and Multi-activity in tourism through which the visitor has an opportunity to have firsthand experience with multiple occupations and activities, rural products, traditional and cultural food and the daily life of the people of the host country. In India, Strategic initiatives for development of tourism sector have been taken and must be given top priority because

  • ASEAN Economic Community In Indonesia

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    and Background of ASEAN Economic Community in Indonesia Indonesian business environment today has been influenced by various factors such as ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). ASEAN Economic Community itself also give an influence to the 9 ASEAN country besides Indonesia. ASEAN Economic Community can affect the business environment especially in the country’s activity. ASEAN Economic Community has four pillars, they are a single market, a competitive economic, equitable economic, and integration in the

  • Importance Of Financial Inclusion

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    ensuring sustained and inclusive economic growth. Inclusive growth attempts to bridge the various divides in an economy and society, between the rich and the poor, rural and urban populace and between one region and another. Access to a well-functioning financial system, by creating identical opportunities, enables economically and socially excluded people to integrate better into the economy, so as to actively contribute to development and protect themselves against economic shocks. The role of the financial

  • Essay On Political Economic System

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    Political-economic systems are divided for four types: liberalism, social democracy, communism, and mercantilism. Most industrialized countries vary between political-economic systems such as liberalism and social democracy (O'Neil, 2004, pp. 101-133). Political-economic system such as social-democracy is better in providing growth and prosperity for the overall national economy than liberalism, because it is effective at both collective equality and personal freedom. Countries with social-democratic

  • Importance Of Foreign Direct Investment

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    to generate funds for capital investment. Developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America have come increasingly to see foreign direct investment (FDI) as a source of economic development, modernization, income growth, employment, and so poverty reduction. This is apparently reflected by their currently pursued economic policies, which is explicitly intended to improve conditions to attract FDI and to maximize the benefits of the presence of FDI in their domestic economy. FDI is an important

  • Economic Causes Of The Iran Revolution

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    To what extant was the economic state of Iran the main cause of the Iranian Revolution in 1979? Throughout the years revolutions had been shaping Iranian society, in many cases shifting it towards future modernization and towards the democracy. However, there are some unique exceptions. The Iranian Revolution which occurred in 1979 gave different consequences; it shifted Iran to theocracy and restricted on several human rights. It is important to assess the causes of such a contrasting revolution