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  • Aging Population In Japan

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    population on economic growth Over the past couple of decades, there has been a shift from worrying about overpopulation to the worry about ageing population. Japan is set to continue consisting of oldest population on average in the world for decades to come. There are many potential effects that this state of the population can have on society and economy. The one that will be analyzed throughout this paper are the detrimental effects of the Japanese ageing population on its economic growth. According

  • Concept Of Neoliberalism

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    first world, it emerges as the hegemonization of the national popular policies. In the USA, it is considered that the welfare system is backward, partial and underfunded. American empire, in post-colonial period, tries to hegemonize the world through economic relations including supranational organizations. United Kingdom, on the other hand, is the alliance of the USA on this project of “freeing world”. UK spreads the liberal powers across the European welfare system to make the globalization hegemonic

  • Road Development In India

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    infrastructure for economic development of a country. Highways and roads are regarded as arteries and veins of a State which are essential for sustainable economic growth. However, overestimation of the requirement and planning beyond the necessity of road transport would be delayed in the process of economic development of a region. The total road length of the NE region of India during 2001-2002 was 1,73261 kms against 2.4 kms per 1000 population of all India average. The economic development of

  • Market Liberalization Policy In Malawi

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    Food self-sufficiency has always been on the top of the agenda for the government of Malawi. Maize is the country’s main staple food. Thus maize production and productivity levels are critical to ensuring that the country is food self-sufficient. The Malawian Government has focused on access to food for the whole population. To this end, the Government maintains some level of protection on maize trade in order to influence production and market decisions. However, the role of agricultural markets

  • Why Nations Fail Analysis

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    Robinson. In this book, Acemoglu and Robinson try to explain world inequality and investigate which factors are responsible for the success or failure of states. Which factor is the destiny of world inequality? Geography? Culture? Religion? Or economic policies?

  • Globalization In The Global Economy

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    advancements in technology. For most nations, the road to growth and development passes through global economic participation. However, economies abundantly rich in natural resources, labor and capital can afford to rely more on the local economy and less on the global economy. The fact, however, remains that most economies do not possess such magical powers; thus, they depend on other nations for economic, political and organizational

  • Importance Of Economics In Real Life

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    Economics is the real owner of this world; it is an unbiased yet ever-expanding toolkit that applies scientific method to explain a simple phenomenon of how resources should be best distributed. It truly is the human science that can be applied as long humanity exists. Just as the universe is always expanding, the beauty of economics and why I pursue to become an economist is it is dynamic yet powerful; there is never an all-in-one solution, new theory and policy is constantly invented which gives

  • Land Development In Malaysia

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    therefore, by implication the future and progress of land use planning virtually depends on the ability to resolve these conflicts and create a sustainable and conducive environment. These sustainable development tends to resolve the conflicts among economic development, preservation of the ecology. Conflict arise from competition of the consumption of the available natural resources and the ability to sustain them to reproduce in the future. These conflict creates a barrier that block the unity of opposing

  • Essay On Agricultural Development

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    Agriculture is the primary employment of majority of rural poor in developing countries of Africa. It also serves as their main source of income and livelihood. Agriculture has been identified as a panacea to the economic quagmire that Nigeria and other countries of the world have found themselves. Basically, the role of agriculture is developmental in nature: it is concerned with strengthening the ability of farmers and farming communities to produce and market agricultural goods in order to sustainably

  • The Pros And Cons Of Macroeconomics

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    capacity and generation of employment. The Government formulates the macroeconomic policy with a view to generate employment, raise the living standard of people, counter the inflation, reduce the economic inequality and regulate the foreign exchange levels. These factors have a direct correlation with the economic status of the nation, for instance, during recession time, the unemployment level soars. A major focus of macroeconomics is the total output generated within an economy. Measurement of that output