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  • Economiceconomic Growth: The Desirability Of Economic Growth

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    welfare but it’s seen that with each passing day population and their needs increase. This increase also makes the productive capacity increase with labour force, machines, raw materials, and natural resources taking part in and that’s how economic growth occurs. Economic growth is an increase in a countries productive capacity to produce goods and services using all its sources and it can be measured with GDP but the desirability of economy cannot be measured. The GDP (Gross Domestic

  • Consequences Of Economic Inequality

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    The article that I have chosen entitled “The Consequences of Economic Inequality” by Nicholas Birdsong is a cause and effect text (2015). When everyone is seeking for equality in this indifferent society, does the people get the opportunity to enjoy the joy of equalism? Although there is this saying says that “all men are created equal”, but the truth is men are not treated equally (Rabbi Shai Held, 2016). If there is no equality in men, same goes to our economy. According to Fortune (2015), United

  • Essay On Economic Problems

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    The economic problem is defined as that there is not enough resources to satisfy unlimited human needs and we are a society with unlimited wants.These resources can be resources that come from the land, labor resources,capital resources or entrepreneur and it is considered as a basic economic problem.Therefore,we have to choose,we have to make trade off,we have to do those things because the resources are limited and cannot be our own unlimited demand.There is a saying said that”fish and bear’s paw

  • Tourism And Economic Growth

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    Certainly there exists a significant literature on the relationship between tourism and general economic growth, and the terminology of ‘tourism growth led hypothesis’ has become accepted within both the tourism and economic literatures. Among those studies Shan and Sun (1997) and Shan and Wilson (2001) have used econometric techniques within a Chinese context, the latter finding evidence of a re-iterative effect between tourism and trade (imports and exports) as both feed into each other. While

  • Special Economic Zone

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    An effective utilization of human resources can boost the development of India. Hence, both Central Government and State Governments have prepared the number of plans for the economic development. Among the many plans, one of the plans is establishment of Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The very purpose of establishing SEZ is providing all infrastructural facilities, marketing assistance, financial assistance and incentives in all aspects. If all the facilities are provided, certainly, many entrepreneurs

  • Economics: Microeconomic And Macroeconomics

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    Introduction Economics in general, is a social science that study agents (firms , people , nations ) choices , and how they use scarce resources to satisfy their scarcity ( unlimited wants ) , and incentives that effect and reconcile their choices that have been made. Economic is divided into two sections or two major points, and they are: Microeconomic, Macroeconomic. Regarding our project we are mainly concentrated on Macroeconomic, where it concern itself within market system that operates

  • Economic Factors Affecting El Toro

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    regulation to let the customer know whether the food item contains any unhygienic ingredient. This entire factor is affecting El Toro and it is implementing and continuously focusing on such government political factors Economic Economy plays a very vital role. The economic factors

  • Economic Industrialization In Thailand

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    Economic Development in Thailand from 1945 to 1997: Perspective of Labour-Intensive Industrialization 1. Introduction Despite being one of the biggest exporters of some agricultural products such as like rubber and rice, present-days Thailand is the industrial-driven economy. According to the World Bank’s statistics (2015), during 2010-2014, Thailand’s manufacturing sector contributed around 36-40 percent to total GDP (Gross Domestic Products), while Thai agricultural sector possessed about 10 percent

  • Economic System In Islam

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    INTRODUCTION: Economics is the way in which society allocates its scarce resources among alternative uses and the consequences of these decisions. The area of the inquiry deal with a varied range of topics such as international trade, domestic and international financial systems ,labor market analysis, and the study of les developed economy. Broadly speaking the goal of economics to anayltically about social issues and ,as such, provide a solid foundation for not only further study and careers

  • Harrod-Domar's Model Of The Economic Growth

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    The models of the economic growth, which examine the long-run rise of economy’s production capacities, allow specialists to have a wider outlook at the current economic problems appearing within the countries and at the international arena from the side of the whole historical process of economic development. The main concern of these models is more general and probably more important issues in economics, such as changes in the standards of living, development of scientific and technological progress