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  • Fundamental Analysis In Economics

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    CHAPTER 4 FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Fundamental analysis is the study of economic, industry, and company conditions in an effort to determine the value of a company's stock. Here we look at a business from the basic or fundamental financial level. This type of analysis examines key ratios of a business to determine its financial health and thus we get a clear idea about the real value of its stock. Fundamental analysis typically focuses on key statistics in a company's financial statements to determine

  • Examples Of Economic Environment Analysis

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    In Economic and Social Environment analysis, we will discuss and analyse the key economic and social indicators in that country such as GDP, GDP / capita, trade volume, population and wages of both Indonesia and Thailand. Indonesia: Indonesia’s economy has expanded greatly over the past decades, the strong pace of growth has made Indonesia an important part of the global economy. It is now the 4th largest economy is East Asia – after China and Japan and South Korea – and the 15th largest economy

  • Relationship Between Culture And Economic Diplomacy

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    Foreign Policy in relation to Economic Diplomacy Today’s governments are facing immense competition from other actors such as religious groups, private sector, media, immigrants and all other possible entities of the civil society who are demanding from the government that they do have a say in making and implementing foreign policy. Economic diplomacy which is gradually overtaking the politics oriented traditional diplomacy. With the growth of transactional economic interactions, the world market

  • Essay On Economic Globalization

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    use of smartphones also enabled customers to access global markets. All these factors act as driving forces for economic globalization. Economic globalization is one of the three main dimensions of globalization, generally discussed in academic literature. The other two are political globalization and cultural globalization. Economic globalization is defined as, “the increasing economic integration and interdependence of national, regional and local economies across the world through an intensification

  • Socio Economic Inequality

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    Persistence of Socio-economic inequalities in the post-apartheid era in South Africa: The impact of corruption on sustainable development goas. This paper seeks to ascertain the impact of corruption on sustainable development goals in the post-apartheid South Africa. The paper examines what impact has corruption had on the persistence of socio-economic inequalities in South Africa after gaining freedom from apartheid regime. Despite the fact that the legacy of apartheid regime has had an impact

  • Neo Classical Economic Analysis

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    Political Economy and Neo-Classical Economics 2. Ans - Classical Economy Neo-clssicle Economy 1. classical economy is macro level concept 1.Neo-classical economy is micro lavel concept 2- In classical Economy there is every thing is depend on utilitarian approach 2-In neo-classical economy isn’t every time depend on the utilitarian approach 3- Classical economy is statistic concept 3 Neo- classical economy

  • Essay On Economic Situation In Nepal

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    Economic situation of Nepal remains relatively stable in spite of a difficult political economic context. In 2010 the growth of GDP is estimated to be 3%, due to more difficult monetary conditions, lower remittances and bad agricultural performance. The economy of the country highly depends on the trade with India. Due the poor condition of it the inadequate supply of energy and waters and the lack of transparency in tax administration strong barriers to the country’s economic still remain same

  • Economic Objectives Of Government Essay

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    The economic objectives of government are the attainment of sustainable economic growth (assumed to be around 3-4%), price stability, full employment, ecologically sustainable development, income equality and external stability. The two main macroeconomic policies used by government are the fiscal policy and monetary policy. Fiscal policy refers to the government’s manipulation of the two variables, taxation and government spending to alter the level of aggregate demand in the economy. If the government

  • Adam Smith: The Father Of Modern Economics

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    In history, Adam Smith – the father of Modern Economics, defined economics as the abundance of money. He claimed that economics studies human behavior on how to manage their resources and the objective to earn more wealth by any means at any cost. He also assumed that wealth is the only important factor in the world. Earning wealth is top priority and mankind is the second priority. Mankind is for wealth but wealth is not for mankind. The idea of A. Smith is that human beings have their own interests

  • Essay On Sustainable Economic Development

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    Economics is a body of wisdom (a science) that has certain theories, values, methods, and assumptions. One particular goal of economists is to understand how to produce goods for society in the most efficient practice and manner. This is achieved by having a well furnished and better understanding of human activities in a market system. Environment is the vital, important and fundamental issue for everyone. Since climate change and global warming of the world is continuing, society demands that