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  • Literary Issues In African Literature

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    The African literature continues to be the mainstream interest area of the researchers since the last few decades for its diverse writing of African phenomenon. Portrayal of the writing by its authors has been such that it fascinates the readers irrespective of its literary genre. A creation of an author is a reflection of his life and it helps the readers appreciate their life and society through his perspective that he depicts. The African literature churns through the world literature by leading

  • Religion: The Influence Of Religion In The 21st Century

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    The most important discovery in the history of mankind is religion. Although religion isn’t a physical discovery, it has impacted and shaped the world around us. From the beginning of time, religion has either segregated or bonded groups of people, formed or wrecked nations and pushed for countries to fall into battles or alliances. Although religion may seem like a spiritual route, it has impacted the way the 21st century works. With religion, societies had formed and so did labor and division among

  • Causes Of Noise Pollution

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    Causes of noise pollution in Lahore city Submitted To : Dr.ShaheenPasha Submitted By: SabaPervaiz Class: Bed(Hons) Roll no: 18 Session:

  • Essay On Modern Terrorism

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    The authority and legitimacy of modern nation states has come under a severe challenge as a result of rising trends in terrorism. Confronted with one of the most brutal forms of violence, a suitable or adequate response to terrorism is still to be framed, even as a proper context of evaluation and a sufficient understanding of its causation and methodology remain elusive. The uniqueness of terrorism lies in its complex inner dimensions, its continuous and rapid adaptations, and its wide variations