Brief Summary Of Killer's Kiss By R. L Stine

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Killer’s Kiss is a Speculative fiction/ Horror book by R.L. Stine. This story is about two girls, Delia and Karina. Delia and Karina are two ex-friends who constantly compete to be the best. This story takes place on Fear Street, a street that is found in every setting in every book of the series. The local community high school is Shadyside High, where all the characters attend. The story is modernized and reminded me of a small town where news and gossip spread quickly. Summary: Delia and Karina are two ex best friends. They always fight for the best things. The story starts when new guy named Vincent comes two school. From the first day of school he becomes popular and that is why Delia and Karina start a fight for him. Delia is…show more content…
Delia wants to sit around and plan Vincent’s birthday party, but Vincent wants her to get going because Karina is on her way over. Vincent keeps thinking about how he likes both girls and can’t choose between them, but he does admit that Karina is prettier. Karina and Delia ran a fight for the scholarship, but only one of them can get it. Both of the girls want to go to a big deal fashion school and not the crappy community college in town. The next night Delia and Vincent are making out. Delia starts freaking out over Karina again. She wants Vincent to promise that nothing happened and that he only wants to be with her. He keeps trying to change the subject because exclusivity isn’t something on the mind of most teenage boys. In a week they finally have their talent competition and Delia turns green because Karina sings like a real opera song. She plans on playing a love song she wrote about Vincent, but finds a dead rat stuffed in her guitar and the strings cut. Karina thinks it is Delia who did it and she is really pissed. After the talent show Delia hanged out with her friends, she was really happy because she has a date with Vincent for later. She drives by Karina’s house and sees her

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