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Although there is not much Anicent sources during the time of the Maccabees revolt there is modern historians that intrepet the revolt's beginings and it's results. In Hellenism and Judaism in the Age of Judas Maccabeus, by C. Habicht presents his analyzation of the relationship between King Antichous son and the Jewish people at the start and goes into dept the religious asspect of the jewish people. In 163Bc the king guaranted to all the Jews to live in accordance with their faith and their law. “We desire that our subjects be undisturbed in the conduct of their own affairs. We have learnt that the Jews do not consent to adopt Greek ways, as our father wished, but prefer their own mode of life and request that they allowed to observe their own laws.” (page1) The king understood that his father's action did not have a…show more content…
Explaining with little to none important textual evident that started the hatred for King Antiochus, but does go into thoughts and ideas of the impact of prohibition the practice of Judaism and the reform that this impact create. Over all the idea of Hellenism is put into the source as its main issue in which it is connected with the reformation and the guilt of the Jewish people who parted ways with their beliefs, and who become influenced by the outside world. The Jewish people were not the only ones punished by going against their law but also King Antiochus son who restored the law of freedom of religion only to be taken out the of throne two years later. “When Judas called for resistance to the king’s command, they called themselves “the devout” as a sign of protest against the spirit of the age, which was no longer concerned with piety.” (pg.97) All and all in Habicht's work Hellenism was started as greek influence became a big part of Jewish culture, and the loss of Religion was the fault of the people themselves for being infulenced by

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