Young Soldiers In Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War was a cold war-era proxy war that took place in Vietnam and Cambodia. The war was between the forces of America and Vietnam it raged on from the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s. The Vietnam war is known for the amount of young soldiers participated in it not just on the United States of Americas side but also in the army camps of the Vietnamese. A fact that proves that is that 60 percent of the soldiers that lost their lives in Vietnam were younger than the tender age of 21. The number of young lives that were lost just makes the Vietnam War much more tragic than it already is the lost potential of those soldiers makes the war take more of a toll on both countries. The amount of young soldiers in the Vietnam War is just staggering 9.7% of their populations were veterans and the number of youth…show more content…
Many soldiers were disabled and needed financial support and most soldiers wanted their pension the United States struggle with it till this day. Veterans of the Vietnam war struggled to adapt into normal society many were diagnosed with illnesses such as PTSD. Many veterans would kill random people thinking that they were enemy combatenents; they would wake up in the middle of the night thinking they were still at war. The Genève conventions state that the age of enrollment should be 18 yet 5 soldiers were found to be 16, these are the soldiers that they discovered many people were young but lied about their age because of the propaganda of that time. The belief was if you were a “dumb” child you would join the army and many young teenagers underestimated the art of war they went to war without thinking of how it would be and they were shocked to see the brutality of war. The Vietnam War opened people’s eyes to the true nature of war many people backed the anti war

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