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Fine as wine, literally drop dead gorgeous. This is awkward not speaking to a woman of her caliber, but that’s what the assignment called for me to do. I will be addressing her next week, but back to her. She's about five foot seven, maybe eight with the body of a goddess. She can literally stop traffic as appealing as she is. I'm convinced that this lady is a athlete of some sort, and no I'm not saying it because we have the same EMU bookbag that all the athletes have received this year, I'm saying this because of how toned her legs look. It's a very good chance that she's a track athlete. She has to be because she has the typical track body. Which for a woman would be a real tight, and flat stomach; with a small waist; also their thighs are huge, and nicely cut. It's as if she doesn't have a ounce of body fat. Her stomach is as flat as this piece of paper I'm taking notes on. Her body is a true work of art. Especially with the outfit she has on even though she has one of those little sheet things on that looks like a button up on. You can still see how amazing her…show more content…
The lady keeps going from book to phone, phone to book, and back to book and phone. She has what looks to be a iPhone 6. I take it she's trying to look up a answer to question. The text that she's reading from is a Psy 103 workbook. I only know this because I also have this workbook, and I make the same facial expressions as her when working on it. Well maybe not as evil as she looks right now. That homework must be doing a number on her, because she looks like she's ready to take on the whole world. I want to go ask her what's wrong, but she might slap me in front of everybody, and that’s the last thing I need. She definitely has your typical black girl attitude from the vibe I'm getting right now. I know homework can get you upset, but from the look of it she must really hate this class. Her body language tells it
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