Controversy In The Meat Industry

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Controversy in the meat industry has been going on for decades. Animal rights activists have been fighting against the animal abuse prior to slaughter, as well as consumers have been against the bacteria found in meat. There has been a heightened concern within the last several years over the amount of hazards found in the meat that is purchased throughout the United States. Unfortunately, ground beef, being one of the most purchased meats, contains a variety of contaminations. Researchers have taken a multitude of samples from across the United States, and have found results that are highly disturbing to costumers. In a single year, Americans purchase an estimate of 4.6 billion pounds of beef, according to WJLA. According the WJLA’s website, there is a fault in purchasing such a large amount of ground beef, “While ground beef is convenient and often inexpensive, numerous reports show it can harbor bacteria that can cause serious illnesses, especially when the meat is undercooked.” WJLA conducted an experiment on the ground beef in the United States by purchasing 300 packages of ground beef from grocery stores ranging from 26 different cities across the nation. Using this 458 pounds of meat, they searched for “five different bacteria associated with airborne illness” and other things that might cause infections in the intestines. Within…show more content…
This fecal contamination is harmful to the human body by being a source cause of infections in the blood and urinary tract. In roughly 20 percent of the meat, they found a bacteria called C. perfingens. This bacteria is the cause of 1 million cases of food poisoning yearly. Out of all the samples, only 1 percent contained salmonella. While it is positive feedback to see less meat contaminated with salmonella, it allows researchers to focus more on the reality of the bacteria that is polluting the meat Americans

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