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During the 19th Century, the United States was known to be the land of immigration. Out of the many different immigrant groups that moved to the United States, the Chinese were one of them. What motivated this big group of people to immigrate to the United States were primarily the promises of gold and better job opportunities. However, some of the Chinese also immigrated because they wanted to escape from political persecution in their homeland. Conditions, however, did not turn better for these newly immigrated citizens; they actually turned for the worse. They were not only confined to their own little ghettos but many immigrants (new and old) were denied citizenship under the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Chinese immigrants suffered through many harsh conditions such as…show more content…
The Chinese emigrated from their own country because of the Taiping Revolution from 1850 to 1864. Floods and famines decimated food crops all over the country rendering many homeless and foodless. (Hsieh) Because of the Taiping Revolution and the influx of foreign goods, many of the Chinese people lost their jobs. As a result, the allure of the Gold Rush and the multitude of job opportunities attracted many Chinese immigrants to the United States. However, when they arrived, many took on dead end or dangerous jobs in railroad construction, prostitution, and the service industry (UC Libraries). Yet, even though many Chinese immigrants took on these hazardous jobs, they were still given low pay and discriminated by the Americans. What prompted the Chinese to leave their own country was also because they wanted to reunite with their families and escape the problems of their home country. During the 1850s, China had started a small repression; the government was subduing the majority by force. Thus this caused the majority of the population to emigrate, because they did not want to deal with the problem. Now, the main reason Chinese immigrants moved to the United States was to form

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