World Comes To America Chapter 2 Summary

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The book provides an outlook of the waves of immigrants that arrived in the US for the period after the end of World War II. The Authors Dinnerstein and David analyze the groups that came to US, giving their reasons for going to US, stating where they finally settled, and deliberating on how they progressed once they were in the US. The two authors highlight the differing or divided attitudes among Americans towards receiving outsiders and the numerous policies that congress followed to assist - or to adjourn - the entry of immigrants to America. The book “World Comes to America” is a relatively forthright account of immigration to the U.S since end of WWII. Chapter one examines the first two decades of the postwar years that looked at relaxation…show more content…
A Supreme Court’s ruling in 1962 terminated a method of aligning congressional districts that provided unbalanced influence to some conformist rural districts critical to immigration. The President (Kennedy) was the first to approve the eradication of national origins allocations. Elections in 1964 ushered a heavy domination of liberal Democrats in both houses. These changes were critical in the change to changes in national origin quotas because the administration was able to make the argument that the quotas were harmful to America’s image overseas. Less convincingly, the authors refute the notion that those that passed Hart-Celler Act envisioned to alter the ethnic composition of the U.S. or at least anticipated such outcomes. The proponents of the Act headed by Emmanuel Celler’s assured Americans that few people could immigrate from undesired regions namely Asia and Africa due to the weak family links. Hart-Celler Act principle beneficiaries in its first ten years were immigrants from Southern Europe. People from Germany and UK were not considerably affected because by them fewer were seeking admissions to US but contrary to the Authors, I think they maintained their favored

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