Daoism Confucianism And Legalism

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Three Chinese Philosophies The three Chinese Philosophies are Daoism,Confucianism, and legalism. These are the three Chinese Philosophies that were writing about. What do you think you are out of Taoism,confucianism,and legalism? Im all three but daoism is the second great philosophy. It's about life,death,light, or darkness, like Yang and Yin But Yin is dark and Yang is light . Daoism as accepted what comes around no matter what. You need Faith, also Daoism is also called Taoism. Daoism was founded in the late 500s. Second Legalism is where most people are selfish of don't care but there are harsh punish when your bad .Now you can not trust or believe your family at all.If you do the quin will punish you bad with belts,paddles, and
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