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Causes And Treatments Of Sore Throats Did you know that overtime bacterias are slowly becoming immune to suppressant medications such as Antibiotics? More people in this century tend to visit their doctors for their health without first understanding if their situation would require a doctor's attention. Therefore, there is a serious increase of prescriptions given to people who should be using over the counter medications. A perfect example would be sore throats that are irritated and scratch feeling in your throat. A rise of sore throat patients are seen during flu season, it is premolar caused by either the flu or cold. Its symptoms range from having a runny or stuffy nose to sneezing, coughing, and having a mild fever with some fatigue in your overall health. Most of its treatments are…show more content…
When digested, the properties of the plant promotes a healthier immune system by increasing levels of interferon, which is a the sole player to fight against material infections. A mixture of the Licorice Roots along with water in a cup helps sooth your throats when gargled. The effects are immediately taken in place, and you will feel less irritation in your throat. Tip #2 Slippery Elm (Red Elm) The Slippery Elm is a traditional herbal medicine used by the Native Americans to relief dry coughs and sore throats. worth America used to be covered with trees of the Slippery Elms, but now only a fine number exists. because of versatile properties contained in the Slippery Elm trees, modern scientists have used this leaf for number of ailments to treat sore throats. During the American Revolution medics applied this substance on injured or wounded soldier to heal them. A very comfortable way of digesting this is to blend and drink it with in cup of warm water. Tip #3 Marshmallow Roots (Althea

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