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A band usually makes people want to dance, sets there mood, or simply people just like to listen to it. But everything behind a band are instruments. Instruments is what makes the music. The three main important instruments that make a band are clarinets, tubas, and percussion. In order to accomplish a perfect symphonic song particular instruments are needed. To begin with, most of all bands have clarinets. Clarinets are what gives each song the melody. When the radio is on the main verse that almost everyone knows and sings along to is the part of the clarinet in a band. Without the clarinet a song would be flat. Imagine listening to a favorite popular song and the main verse is not there. Then where is the fun in the song? As important a favorite verse is, as important as a clarinet to a band. Also, clarinets have the largest pitch range of common woodwinds in a band. Which means it can play high notes all the way to four octaves high and 1 octave lower. Basically, a clarinet can play a soprano, mid soprano, alto, and tenor. Which is very impressive for an instrument to be able to do.…show more content…
The tuba is the principle bass instrument. Its tone quality is very important. All the other instruments try to match to the tubas sound quality. Thanks to the tuba it is what gives us harmony. Harmony are musical notes that produce chords. Like is stated earlier melody is very important but without the harmony the melody will not have its back up to make it sound better. The background of music with the steady beat is usually the tuba in the band. The Tuba is the backbone to the band, it supports all the other sounds. Without a backbone on a human we would not be able to do things just like a band would not be able too. Support is very important especially in a band. Everything would fall apart and not sound

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