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Serving as the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson would prove himself to be one of the greatest American heroes before the civil war. As a boy, Jackson fought against the British in the revolutionary war, fought in the war of 1812, and fought many Native Americans. During his presidency, Jackson overcame much, including an economic and banking crisis. While some consider Jackson a military hero, Jackson’s presidency was often criticized. Some thought that he was too stubborn in his beliefs. Many also seem to immediately associate “The Trail of Tears” with him, going as far as to compare it to the death marches during the Holocaust. However, with every rising president, there are those that will discredit and dislike them.…show more content…
Although Jackson believed he was born in South Carolina, there is a debate that he may have been born in North Carolina, due to his birth on a borderline. Another problem arose, as his mother would visit her sisters in both North and South Carolina. It was thought that while she was visiting in South Carolina, Andrew Jackson was born, which supports his own beliefs. Regardless of his birth place, Jackson’s father died before the two were able to meet and thus, his mother was forced to raise him. Since he never knew his father, Jackson education and social skills were significantly hindered. He did not learn to read and write and his expression of anger and disappointment was unbefitting of the decent, god-fearing people he was associating with. However, he was taught to never lie, or steal and he learned that the dueling ground was the place for conflict. Among these lessons, he was also taught to fear and hate the Indians, due to speculation that the eldest son in the family was killed by them. Jackson actually attributed many of the morals that his mother taught him to his success later in life. In 1815, after he defeated the British at New Orleans, Jackson went as far as to say, “Gentlemen, I wish she could have lived to see this day. There never was a woman like her. She was gentle as a dove and as brave as a lioness.”(Remini

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