Women In Lysistrata

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Greek comic plays have been an essential tool to derive matters within the community and proclaim ideas to achieve stability through humor. Famous Greek playwright Aristophanes have written plays that coincide to current issues and disrupt in the government. In 411 BCE, Aristophanes written a play called Lysistrata that reflects the war between Athens and Sparta. The play includes an uprising within the women of both Sparta and Athens to refuse sexual encounters from men until a treaty is discuss. This play is categorize as satirical because the playwright incorporated sexual humors throughout the play with a hidden motive. In a sense, Aristophanes used sexual humor in the play to challenge the role of women in the Greek society. Within every lines of humor, Aristophanes was initiating the thought that women acquire similar qualities to men and could form political groups.…show more content…
The play included several instances where the sex strike was becoming unbearable to withstand wellbeing in both sexes. Lysistrata admits that, “I can’t manage them any longer: they’ve gone man-crazy, they’re all trying to get out. Why, look: one of them was sneaking out the back door by pan’s cave; another was sliding down the walls with rope and tackle…for the nearest brothel” (Fitts 94). The women who taken an oath to withhold from sex have become distressed for sex to even consider entering a house for prostitutes. This exaggerated image was suggesting that women are highly sexual beings and have similar desires as men. Therefore, the Greek playwright given women a new quality that was not consider part of their role as women or

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