Comparing Aristophanes Lysistrata And The Clouds

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Aristophanes was a famous comic poet of ancient Athens who has written thirty plays but only eleven survived. Throughout his plays and his comedy there are examples of a genre known as Old Comedy. Many of his plays are similar in the ways that they are written, with either certain similarities of certain themes or ideas. However many of his plays differ as well. Some of his famous plays are known as Lysistrata and The Clouds. Aristophanes Lysistrata focuses on a woman’s mission to end the Peloponnesian War and restore peace to the city. Clouds focus focuses on a new style of learning led by Socrates. In both Aristophanes comedies Lysistrata and The Clouds, role reversal plays an important role in the way we view the characters and in ways society views people. Although there is a similarity in theme and the way it is written as an old comedy there are many differences as well. These comedies differ in which Lysistrata views are just whereas in The Clouds, Strepsiades views are unjust to better himself. Lysistrata demonstrated a woman who was strong and had a powerful way of speaking to the public. She wanted to bring peace to this city and peace with their enemies. The women of Greece…show more content…
Lysistrata suggests different ways in which they can try to make peace and end the war. She does this in ways that are just in the eyes of the people. “All right, I’ll tell you. No need keeping secrets. Well, women, if we’re really serious and want to make our husbands end the war, we must swear off…” (pg. 28: 120-125). After all the women are gathered together, Lysistrata explains that the only way the war will end is if they don’t have sex with their husbands until they come home from war. She promises that this will bring peace. Some may look at this as just, because Lysistrata is trying to bring peace not for herself or her own benefits but for the people and the

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