Lysistrata Vs Ajax Essay

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The effects of war can be devastating for the soldiers who are fighting in war, but also their families. While men are away at war it takes a toll on their families. In the plays: Lysistrata by Aristophanes and Ajax by Sophocles we take a deeper look into two very different takes on war, how women are effected by war, and wars effect on the individuals in it. Comparing Lysistrata to Ajax, you notice that both plays talk about the effects of war on individuals. Lysistrata describes the pain that women feel when the men gone at war. While Ajax describes the earliest description of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in history. These two plays both show the negative effects of war on an individual and their house hold, but in very different ways.…show more content…
While Ajax is a Greek tragedy that takes a mournful view on the effects of war. In Lysistrata, the men were fighting in the Peloponnesian War, and in Ajax, the men were fighting in the Trojan War. Between the two plays the way to cope with war was very different. Lysistrata a character from the play says, “O’ women, if we would compel the men to bow to peace…..We must refrain from every depth of love” (Aristophanes) . In Lysistrata the women used seduction to create peace between the Spartans and the Athens, to end the war. In Ajax, the character Ajax suffers from depression and humiliation that lead him to his own suicide. The chorus says, “His spirit on lone paths, and on us brings deep sorrow; and all his former peerless deeds of prowess fall like unremembered thing” (Sophocles 60) . I think that the chorus is saying that all of Ajax achievements were forgotten when he was not awarded Achilles' armor, causing him to fall under deep

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