How Did Moses Influence Judaism

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How is the influence of a Significant Person or School of Thought reflected in both the ethics and practice of Judaism? Words count: 1500- 2000 words Moses had a significant influence on the Jewish faith permitting adherents to have an understanding of the ethics and practices of Judaism allowing them to fulfil the covenant. Moses has significantly contributed to Judaism, generalisation of the belief system and law. Consequently, enabling adherents to the covenantal agreement.The Jewish faith is a religion which is living and most importantly, is grounded on the concept that God has called his chosen people to have a covenantal relationship between each other. The purpose of the relationship between God and his people is to live as God intended, hence adhering to the moral law as stated through the Torah and also expanded on in additional sources and further rabbinic writings therefore allowing adherents to fulfil the covenant. Moses Maimonides is regarded as one of the towering figures in the history of Jewish people and is known as the Rambam by the Jewish people. Moses was one of the most influential figures in the history of Jewish people and wrote in a very simple style that allows Jews to…show more content…
He explained each Mitzvot outside the context of the rabbinic discussion and focused on the Halakhic decision. Therefore, this has had a significant impact as it cuts across the convoluted rabbinic discourse in presenting the final Halakhic decision. In saying this, it allowed Jews to create links between the Torah and the expression of the Covenant and also enlightened the Jews in their faith. Ultimately, this piece of work has made Judaism more relevant to the average Jew living in an Islamic society. Thus, this demonstrates the ongoing effect Moses had and continues to have on Judaism and the ways in which he has significantly impacted the development and expression of

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