Comparing Beowulf And Wonder Women

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What is a hero? When asked this question many people will respond with a family member, a teacher, an athlete, a veteran, a fictional character, and many other types of people. A hero is someone who is noble, courageous, and selfless. The character Beowulf is well known for being a strong and devoted warrior to the Anglo-Saxon people, and mostly defending his town through battle. However, this is not the only case of a hero. Another famous fictional hero is a movie character known by the screen name Wonder woman. Super heroes in novels and movies are known for being brave enough to devote their time and lives to the protection of their people. In comparison both of these heroes have much of the same qualities, besides their gender. My definition of a hero is someone who is not only brave, but always willing to put others ahead of themselves. The backgrounds of these heroes are also very different. Beowulf is a sixth century warrior who led the Anglo-Saxons, and later on, the Geats. He is so remarkable to his people for defeating the monsters and beasts that were attacking the town. Diana of Themyscira is a modern day superhero who was born from the amazons in Greek mythology, now known by the famous name Wonder Woman. Wonder Women was created in 1941 with her American flag printed costume, drawing…show more content…
The first and most obvious difference between the two is their gender. Being a man, Beowulf is very bulky and masculine, while Wonder Woman is very thin but muscular. Beowulf usually carries a sword, while Wonder Woman wears the items that give her the power she possesses. The shoes that she wears give her power of flight and her speed, the Lasso of Truth to get answers out of her enemies, along with indestructible bracelets, a weaponised tiara, and a small magical sword. These heroes have many different characteristics and attributes, but both have what they need to protect their

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