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Woman Heroes have also been looked at as the second fiddle in film, over the years the man roles have changed over and over again. Females have gone from only being cast in supporting roles to at times being able to stand out front and making the male actor take a back seat. The public still looks for a Male hero to lead the way in the United States. In the 80’s woman actors took on mostly supporting roles in television and even more so in major motion pictures. Pop culture in the United States basically dictated that for a movie to be a success or “Blockbuster” the lead role had to be carried by a male hero. In the 90’s this began to change. Two dominant fictional woman heroes, Xena Warrior Princess (1995) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997),…show more content…
Many be it was a male who wrote the script, or maybe there she will be brought out of the shadows in a later movie to realize her full potential. Even cop movies the men are primarily forced to the front. For westerns produced back in the 60’s & 70’s all the way up to the more modern cop films and television shows, there aren’t very many hat feature a woman hero as the star. “Though Hollywood has long turned out stories of heroic cops, only during the last two decades has it presented women in the lead roles. Twenty-three Hollywood films (dating back to 1973’s blaxploitation entry Cleopatra Jones and including 2005’s serial-killer movie Mindhunters) feature women in cop hero roles, compared to the other two hundred and fifty-seven cop action films of the same era that star men.” King, N. (2006). Cop Action Women: Hollywood Depictions of Women in Men’s Occupational Turf. Conference Papers -- International Communication Association, 1-19. Women and film has always been seen as a secondary part, a piece to the puzzle but not as big as the piece called the male hero. In recent years this has begun to

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