The Pros And Cons Of The Wooly Mammoth

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Recreating the past and resurrecting the dead seem chimerical. However, when science has taken boundless leaps and has taken great strides, this notion seems to intrigue and fascinate the scientific sphere. Research has now concluded that the resurrection of the Wooly Mammoth could possibly serve as an outlet to this chimerical concept. That said, the scientific community’s revival of the extinct species, the Wooly Mammoth, will certainly benefit mankind in terms of preserving genetic biodiversity and ecological balance, understanding other endangered and extinct species. Reawakening the dormant Wooly Mammoth aids in regenerating other such species and producing a larger genetic pool. That said, imagine the world in which these animals roam…show more content…
In the eyes of the critics, the new animals introduced will disrupt the way of life of many existing animals; however, the scientific community assures us that “biologists can work out the exact DNA differences with the genome of its nearest living relative” (Source A). As shown in a typical cladogram, years ago, the elephant (the closest species to the Wooly Mammoths) branched off the genus. Using the elephant as the prototype, scientists can create the genome for mammoths and other species too. One needs to remember that the Wooly Mammoths are actually harmless animals that are minimally invasive to environment. Recovering the DNA of other species may have a lasting effect in terms of enriching the biodiversity. If a successful endeavour, the “de-extinction” of mammoths can serve as a precedent and as a revolution in the field of science. In “another 10 to 20 years … saber-tooth tiger and the mastodon” may make its presence provided the revival is successful (Source C). Imagine a scenario in which the animals of yesteryear become alive – scientists may utilise the same research to bring back other extinct species and to strive for augmenting the number of the endangered species. Thus, the “de-extinction” of Wooly Mammoths can spur the revival of

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