Assess The Importance Of Religious Freedom In The United States

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Religious Freedom The Bill of Rights is a highly valued and beloved document that contains descriptions of the freedoms that are the backbone of modern American society, written in 1789. The most important freedom available to American citizens is the freedom of religion. The first inhabitants of North America came here simply to believe in what they felt is right. Some even paid the ultimate price with their lives. One of the greatest things about this country is that everyone can believe in what they want and not have to worry about being persecuted for their beliefs. Religion is the most important part of a person’s life, and a person's belief is their choice. With the privilege of religious freedom Americans are allowed to publicly worship…show more content…
This freedom is the most important of them all, and people constantly sacrifice themselves for the cause of religious freedom. Why would anyone want to die for something that was not so important? Religion is such an important aspect that people center their lives around it. The early settlers left home after home simply in pursuit of this valuable right. For thousands of years, humans have wholeheartedly believed that there is more to life than physical attributes. For example, the Romans worshiped Jupiter and the other minor gods to try to explain life's unanswerable questions. The Romans are not the only example of this; the Greeks worshiped Zeus, the Mayans worshiped the sun, and so on. Our founding fathers realized how important religion is, and listed it first in the bill of rights. Furthermore, freedom of religion is something that the government can’t ban, the freedom to believe in a higher being, the freedom to believe whatever the human mind can fathom, the freedom to believe. The government can limit many of our rights like our freedom of speech and other freedoms in the bill of rights, but no one can take away the basic human right to

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