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Author, educator, wife and mother are just a few words to describe this phenomenal and prestigious woman by the name of Patricia Glinton-Meicholas. Mrs. Glinton-Meicholas hail from the beautiful island of Cat Island and, followed in her mother’s footsteps of being an avid reader and lover of words. She excelled on her everyday life, breaking boundaries, pushing for more and never settling for less. But why chose Patricia Glinton-Meicholas as a featured author?! Who is she? And what has she done in the community of the Bahamas? Patricia Glinton-Meicholas is an author, she is an educator, poet and novelist. She is the mastermind of many Bahamian books, articles and papers on our wonderful history, including co-authoring Bahamian Art 1492…show more content…
Glinton-Meicholas executes in the writing of her many books. Within these pages lay thirteen breathtaking fantasies, depiction, betrayal and downright revenge. Available in two editions one release in 1993 the other only one year after. This masterpiece was Mrs. Glinton-Meicholas tribute to her hometown Cat Island. This is a very popular book there in The Bahamas and has been a part of the Bahamian high school syllabus for many years, I’m pretty sure if you ever took a literature course in high school this book was brought up. One of the most popular story was Miss Annie the story line involves a man by the name of Mr. Andrew; the loving husband of this wife Annie. Mr. Andrew was a jealous man, making his wife promise to never marry again if he would have die first, he even trained his dog to run away other men. After he die years after many bachelor appeared at Annie’s door. He called out in his sweetest…show more content…
Glinton-Meicholas always finds time out of her busy schedule to interact, inspire and teach our Bahamian youths. This year (2014) alone she appeared at many events, celebrations and achieved numerous awards. She thrives for an advancement in the education system, stating “If I were to write a screen play on Bahamian life today, I would title it: ‘On Life Support’. I’d feature the issues, disconnects and pathologies assailing our freedoms: Youth disaffection, senseless murder, joblessness, endemic insouciance regarding human rights and the environment, parliamentary exchanges that have more to do with school yard brawling than intelligent governance, sour grapes politics… an education system worthy of the title only as it relates to systemic failure.” She wishes to move forward challenging the government with courageous, self-assured and shameless comment as like the one indicated earlier. Thought-provoking the community and clarifying on how human, natural and economic capital are the key to a substantial sustainable development. Mrs. Glinton-Meicholas pushes for what’s right and has unlocked the doors needed for this little country we call home The Bahamas to become a place of democracy, freedom, independence and provider of state of the art of education. She envisions us all to be knowledgeable, to embark on this hold new world that the wonders of a book can take you; while embracing the art of literature, appreciating and sharing each

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