The Song Of Roland How Does The Book Demonstrate The Chivalric Ideal?

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Song of Roland "How does the book demonstrate the Chivalric ideal?" In “The Song of Roland” there is a battle between Muslims in Spain and Charlemagne’s military. In religious context, the battle taking place in “The Song of Roland” is between the Muslim religion and Christianity. Marsilla is one of the main characters in the story and he is the Muslim king defending Spain, or the enemy of Charlemagne. Before the battle had even started, Marsilla informed Charlemagne about a peace treaty using a messenger. The treaty will only be valid as long as Charlemagne moves to France. The treaty was accepted by Charlemagne and in return he planned to send a messenger back to Marsilla to inform him of the news. In an honorable manner; Roland who is a well-known warrior in Charlemagne’s military, convinces his stepfather to be the messenger. Little does Roland know the stepfather Ganelon actually gravely dislikes his stepson and wishes death upon him. The act of Roland giving the opportunity of being a messenger to his stepfather was an act of chivalry. In the medieval era, chivalry is defined by the men who protect their country in battle. The high ranking knights are…show more content…
In response to the sound of the horn Charlemagne’s troops come to aid but are too late. Charlemagne’s army forces the Muslim army to desert their position and move into a lake where they meet their deaths. Charlemagne’s troops performed an honorable act of fighting for the death of Roland and Oliver. Eventually Marsilla’s army and his allies meet Charlemagne’s troops and fight in the same place where Charlemagne’s troops fell. The Christian troops were in the middle of burying their troops and praying for them as they do religiously. The act of taking care of the dead is an act of morality and chivalry. Charlemagne eventually defeats the second wave of intruders and they all flee to random

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