Pericles Vs Pavlopoulos Research Paper

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Pericles VS. Pavlopoulos ; who is a greater leader? The definition of leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization, so the question is: who does that better? Although Pericles was a strong and independent leader that contributed various cultural projects to Athens and he was a very successful army general. Unfortunately, Prokopis Pavlopoulos was not so successful and he was one of the leading causes to the Greek debt crisis, and he did not contribute much to the city. However, Pericles and Prokopis Pavlopoulos were very significant leaders, Pericles was more superior due to the facts that he led Athens in with the Persians and he created peace with Persia. Made peace in war, prompted arts and literature, and…show more content…
For example, Pericles realized that Athens would not be able to win against Persia so “ Pericles made peace with” the Persian empire (“Pericles”). On the other hand, Pavlopoulos was one of the leading causes to “the outbreak of the Greek debt crisis and the riots (“Roundup”). In addition, Pavlopoulos went to college, but Pericles received the best education possible at the time, so in turn, one must pick which is of better value. For example, Pericles “received the best available education” and he received lessons from popular “musicians and philosophers” (“Pericles” 111). However, Pavlopoulos “stud[ied] at the University Law school” and he received his degree in public law (“Profile”). In the end, both leaders were thought of highly in their own times however, if they were compared today the results would be very different. Furthermore, Pericles was considered “a masterful speaker, and a clear thinker” which some might say was a rare trait to come by (Starr 302). However, while Pavlopoulos was president “(54.7 percent) th[ought] positively of his election, while 36.3 percent” have reserves and were unsure

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