Why Is Walmart Is Unethical

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“Fascism is capitalism plus murder. ― Upton Sinclair." We find ourselves in a society where there have been several accusations against capitalism. Capitalism is what we've been educated with what's best for the consumer and the producer. Capitalism is what we've been surviving with since the Middle Ages. Capitalism is what's best for society isn't? Capitalism has been the best weapon for both the consumer and producer because it creates competition; with competition everyone is striving to be first, to be the very best, but because of competition unethical decisions are born. Despite the treasures of what capitalism offers through competition, it's been revealed to me that it promotes unethical business behavior since it's selfish, the corporation…show more content…
Despite its popularity of low prices high quality, there have been several accusations against Wal-Mart which are also tied up with capitalism. First, it's a monopoly destroying every small business in town. That's just business isn't? Getting rid of your competition to sell your product as the very best price. Although that's just business, society is not comfortable with the exploitation of labor, low wages, and poor work environment conditions. To be honest, I am not comfortable with that either. Wal-Mart is a corporation that has shown the vile side of capitalism and that it can't be inherent with ethical compass. Studies showed that 80% of crimes realized in Wal-Mart's parking lot could've have been dropped down to 0% if there were security cameras and workers checking the area. Here it showed the world that Wal-Mart cared only about their revenues. If companies were to ethically behave in their industries it would require them to take longer view, and sacrifice some profit for the sake of building benevolence and a strong reputation. However, this is entirely consistent with capitalism. Capitalism means working to make a profit; it does not require sacrificing all else for the maximum possible profit at every moment in

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